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  1. Kris:

    Thanks for talking to me about an interview for the Clinton Daily Democrat. My photographer (who is also my husband Keith) and I will be out there Thursday at 1 p.m. If that turns out not to be a good time, you can email me or text Keith’s cell phone, 660-223-8764.

    I am free-lance, part-time, and semi-retired) so I am not at the CDD office. So if you see really old people getting out of a red SUV, that’s us. I f you subscribe to the CDD, you may have seen the story about the Hinton’s family sunflower field. Lots of bees!

    We had someone from the local beekeepers association speak to our women’s PEO chapter a few years back, but I don’t think it was you. Our chapter president, Nancy Gillard, is also a beekeeper, or used to be, before she moved into Clinton.

    Jennifer Jackson
    Clinton Daily Democrat

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